Attic Work

We Work In Attics Year Around

For many homeowners the thought of having workers in their attic during the summer is cruel. But at The Weatherization Company, we look at it differently, it’s what we love to do and wouldn’t have it any other way. As the summer months creep upon us we are working in attic  and our bodies begin to adjust to the temperature rise.  But more importantly we depend on good habits. The rule is never work alone in the attic and take breaks whenever you want or at least every 30 minutes.

We work hard to stay hydrated and keep ourselves nourished.  During the hottest months we work in the attic in the mornings and evenings and work under the house during the hottest part of the day.   There are ways to deal with the heat and at The Weatherization Company we are one of the best.  We are professionals and we take safety very seriously, rest assured knowing your attic is in good hands.

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