It’s not the heat it’s the “gosh darn” humidity.

Answer this question! Have you ever been outside on a absolutely gorgeous day?  I’m talking about the kind of day that makes you look up and thank GOD.  I’m talking about a day that makes you feel youthful and you begin to notice just how attractive everyone looks because they’re wearing less clothing. Yeah! Those Days.  What would you guess the temperature was on that day 75 degrees or maybe 82 degrees. The fact is it doesn’t matter whether it was 75 or 82 if the humidity is between 30% and 55%  you will feel fabulous.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Now why can’t you be that comfortable in your home or commercial space at 78 degrees.  You can, but understand this your home is a controlled environment and as such it should have a controlled climate.


Run an experiment – go and put your thermostat on 78 degrees and why you’re over there read the humidity on the thermostat. Now sit down and relax for about fifteen minutes and don’t forget that humidity reading.


So how did it go?  Most likely you got up after five minutes and turned it down. When you turned it down you opened your wallet simultaneously.  What was the humidity reading? Trick question most thermostats don’t tell you humidity. Why do you think that is the case? Is it a conspiracy? Not sure but if you can be comfortable outside at 82 degrees with 30% humidity why can’t you be comfortable at 78 degrees in your home with a relative humidity of 50%.

Benefit to you

The average home has humidity levels that are too high in South Louisiana for a standard Air Conditioner to remove enough moisture to make you comfortable 100% of the time.  So here’s the solution add a dehumidifier. At The Weatherization Company we can install a “Whole House Dehumidifier to fit your needs, to learn more click here. Not only will we install a Whole House Dehumidifier but we will install a Humidistat that controls humidity and temperature. Now you can turn the temperature up to 78 degrees and leave it there and the Dehumidifier will remove the moisture that will make your home as wonderful as the most beautiful day, all summer long.  And just like our Air Conditioner installs we will do it to the manufacturer specifications and leave a report behind to confirm performance.  There is an even better solution that we’ll tell you about later.

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