Moisture Removal

The Number One Enemy of Your Home

In the end it will most likely be moisture that will destroy your home if you don’t take precaution to remove the moisture from your home, preferably right at the source. For example in the kitchen that exhaust fan you keep turning on is blowing that wet, fragrant air right back in your face. The bathroom fan that you’re so careful to always turn on when you shower is most likely just dumping moisture into your insulation, destroying it on contact.

Add Foam and Stir

Adding foam to your home can make the situation worst, foam is great at trapping moisture and not allowing it to escape. Often times this moisture is created by your Air Conditioning system, you have to get this mix correct. Foam and Air Conditioning go hand in hand and the more time you spend investigating and understanding the mechanical properties of your home the better chance you have of not making a mistake that can do unnecessary damage to your home.  Let me be clear foam can work BUT YOUR AUDITOR HAS TO INVESTIGATE and make the correct recommendations.

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