Energy Smart

The Energy Smart program was formed by Entergy to help customers reduce their monthly utility cost by performing weatherization measures on their home or upgrading to Energy Star certified heating and cooling equipment. These rebates are based on the amount of improvement that is achieved by completing different weatherization measures and mechanical upgrades. These are rebates that come directly off our price, so it is money that does not have to come out of your pocket.

You can increase your home’s comfort and reduce your energy bills by installing a new, high efficiency central air conditioning system. The Energy Smart Program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of energy efficient central air conditioners and heat pumps. Currently you can get up to $950 towards the purchase of one of these energy efficient units. The Energy Smart program also has rebates for insulation, air sealing, solar screens, and duct efficiency.

For more information visit Energy Smart NOLA online.

The Weatherization Company is an approved Energy Smart contractor.