Comfort Comfort and more Comfort

What’s comfortable to one person is uncomfortable to the next. As Americans we have the luxury of buying a home and customizing it anyway we choose.  But no matter how many coats of paint you paint or how neatly you trim your lawn your comfort in your home is unique to you and your preferences. The Weatherization Comfort analyzes your home with sophisticated tools and customizes a solution to your budget and desires.

EXPERTS – Thermal Comfort

The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has a comfort chart that defines under what conditions a human being is comfortable. The bottom line is, drive the humidity down and you can raise the temperature and remain comfortable. What you must keep in mind that this is referring to thermal comfort and depending on many factors comfort is a relative concept.

Mental Comfort

Painting the house and cutting the grass does give a home owner a psychological comfort that allows them to feel good about taking care of what GOD has given them. The same goes for weatherization. For as much as we provide thermal comfort our education process gives the home owner a peace of mind knowing that they have done right by their precious property and not to mention their loved ones. knowing that you are consuming less energy, using less water and have protected your investment makes an owner comfortable.

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