Energy Savings

ROI – Return on investment

We have all heard the phrase; what’s the return on investment?  Well we actually can give you an answer. We use software that has been used to model millions of homes to predict the energy savings you can expect. It’s a science not a guessing game.

Budget versus ROI

The Weatherization company can help you calculate your payback based on savings, but what’s the perceived value of the home improvements you choose. Value is done right when a party feels properly compensated in an exchange.  It’s important to us that the numbers work out but we strive to have our customers feel confident about their purchase decision. We want you to tell your friends about our service. ROI is important but value is more important.

Longevity versus Value

Knowing that a company will be around for many years to come is comforting. Knowing the employees care about the company and love their job is important. These are what we call the intangibles. Long after you’ve saved all that money and the system is humming along you will want to know their is a company that will be there no matter the circumstances. The Weatherization Company is a corporation with a board and is led by a skilled management team that will continue moving this company forward. Any contractor can save you money, there are all types of gadgets out there but who will be around in the long run to give you service.

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