Health & Safety

What we thought in the beginning

As a former home builder and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractor we went into Weatherization thinking it would be an easy transition.  In many ways it was, heating and cooling is the biggest consumer of energy in the average home so its a natural fit for an HVAC contractor.  Also, Weatherization often requires skilled Carpentry skills and with the homes we’ve built we had the background but what we didn’t have was a thorough knowledge of how each change we make in a home can cause life threatening problems in a home.

What we later learned

Weatherization actually is the mos complex of all building trades why because you’re the company that is hired to fix all the mistakes that every other contractor created.  This means you have to investigate, it means that you have to study and most of all it means you are liable.  The decisions we make affect the entire structure and often times at a microscopic level and sometimes it takes years or the perfect storm for the problems to reveal themselves.

How we adjusted

Never one to run from a challenge we first went and received technical training.  All types of training, we asked questions we made phone calls but in the end what we discovered was we needed a team of people we can depend on to ask questions  and to hold one another accountable.  At The Weatherization Company we have everyone on staff – Auditors, Construction Managers, Builders, Engineers, Electricians and Mechanics. We hold each other accountable to doing whats right for the customer and their home. Yes we have BPI training but we are also RESNET certified a strenuous certification and we are proud to have RESNET raters on staff.

What made us stronger

Having sales people that were technically savvy and installers who knew the Quality Control technicians were ethical and cared about their performance put pressure on the team.  We won’t get sued, we wont destroy anyone’s house and we don’t want to be out of work so when in doubt we always do what’s best for the customer, even when we loose money. It’s the only way – the customer has to come first.


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